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Roseangelo's Original Artwork

Hello, Friends!

In 2017 I have ambitiously begun painting some original pieces of art and have exhibited them for sale at convention art shows. At Comic-Con in July, I had two TMNT-themed pieces for sale.

Ice Cream Kitty sold at Comic-Con, and Krang sold soon after I returned home. However, I now have a limited number of prints available, for anyone interested. What's really fun is that this first batch of prints are all on magnets, so you can stick them wherever you like!

If you're interested in the TMNT prints, or any of the others, they are currently available two ways. Free shipping. Small shipping charge.

Oh! And I'm working on new paintings for a show in Tracy, CA, in November. Kevin Eastman is going to be a guest at the show, so I'm heavily focusing on a TMNT theme. Here's a peak at the first new painting, just completed today.

Thanks for looking!
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