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Splinter the boss
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That's why I despise watching live action anime films. They are a shame, they don't live up to expectations. Why do you people even try?
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Coola Yagami
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I finally saw this. It was just... weird. I mean, as a movie if you never seen the original series and knew nothing about Death Note it was pretty interesting, but the ruined most of how the Death Note works and Ryuuk's motives, and basically tried too hard to make Light a likable and sympathetic protagonist. I feel like they were afraid to have a straight up villain be the protagonist so they made Light a lot more caring and guilty, while giving some of his kills and more evil and sadistic nature to the Misa Proxy.

They turned Light from a cold and manipulative bastard with the master plan to rule the world as a god.... to a scared kid way over his head with a killer notebook he's afraid to use and a manipulative psychotic girlfriend.

It just feels too... American. Light comes from a loving family. Naw, let's make him lose his mother and not get along with his father, like most kids nowadays do, you know, family drama. Seeing people die of heart attacks all the time is boring, so let's make them explosive Final Destination type deaths. We see men manipulate woman all the time, let's make Misa make Light his little bitch instead. Seeing Light and L have a battle of wits is boring, let's have L chase Light around all over town with a gun.

William Dafoe was good as Ryuk, but it bugs me how we almost never get a good clear look at the guy. C'mon guys, can't afford a decent looking Ryuuk so he has to be hidden in the shadows literally always? There was only one scene where you could kinda/sorta see his face through the whole thing.
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