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Finally got around to finishing this.
I...ugh, I'm so heartbroken.
I want more!

I couldn't get over how brutal this season was, even when compared to the other stuff. Dark and twisted right up until the point where it wasn't.

I love bored to tears Aku, and major kudos to the gentleman who took over for the late Mako. He really did a stupendous job.

I felt like things were a bit rushed, and was NOT a fan of the Jack/Ashi thing until the moment when I suddenly was.
I mean, he's kind of ridiculously older than she is.

But then it just worked.

PTSD Jack was heartwrenching.
And I was legit shocked when the Scotsman died. Thank goodness for Celtic Magic.

A larger reunion with his parents would have been nice, but I like the final showdown with Aku. I mean, why would it be this long drawn out knock-down fight. Jack was one killing blow away from defeating Aku when the jerk sent him forward in time. The fact that it took five to actually wipe him out was more than enough.

But yeah, the ending was just...wah.
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So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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So after all this time I've decided to catch up on Samurai Jack. I watched about 20ish episodes of it as a kid/teen in the early 2000's but never saw the rest. I now finally decided to watch it all.

So I just watched all 62 episodes in about 4 days (lol), and I enjoyed the run. Although I do have a lot of mixed thoughts on all the original series episodes rewatching them as an adult.

The original seasons 52 episodes had some great episodes, some ok ones, and some dull ones. It's easy to forget Samurai Jack started as a kids show, so a lot of eps plots were very simple and there was little to no continuity between each episode. I loved the best episodes of the original run, while others were just kinda dull to sit through, like the one Jack turns into a chicken or the ones where he just helps random robots/strangers for the dozenth time. But when it was good, it was really good like that excellent haunted house episode or the really funny episodes. Another problem is a lot of eps were obviously padded to reach 22 minutes, I mean I don't mind drawn out scenes just showing the scenery or the characters actions, but it felt like some eps could have been half as long. I guess 11 minute episodes weren't as common back in the early 2000's, because the original run would have benefited from each ep being 11 minutes long rather than 22.

The final 10 episodes were pretty good, and exactly what I wanted out of the show as a kid. Actual continuity between each episode, a season long plot, Jack actually fighting people and killing them instead of just robots, plus the humor. I like Ashi and her backstory, it was pretty brutal knowing Jack killed all her sisters. Seeing Ashi kill her mother as well was something. The shipping was ok and pretty heavy at first but now after seeing the finale it was worth it. Seeing Ashi with Aku's powers and then seeing her being the one to bring Jack back in time, only to disappear from existance after Aku died was pretty heavy. One question is why didn't she disappear right after after Jack finally killed Aku? Instead it seemed like it happened days later during the wedding for no reason at all but dramatic effect. Overall a bittersweet ending.

This show came out when I was 15 years old back in 2001. Little did I know it would finally get a proper ending and I'd finally see how Jack returned to the past a decade and a half later as a 32 year old man. I wonder if my young 15 year old self would have loved this, but I'd say yes since my tastes don't change much for other shows. Last but not least the replacement voice actor for Aku was excellent, if I hadn't known Mako passed away years ago I would have assumed it was the same guy.

Goodbye, Jack. Goodbye, sweet prince.
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Personally, I liked the Samurai Jack vs. Aku fight in Season Four. That just might be my favorite episode until.. I watch all of the seasons of the show.

I watched a lot of Cartoon Network within the 2000-2002 period mostly for Toonami and for Adult Swim. S.J. wasn't on either of those time slots at that time.

Adult me actually likes the Jack more than teenage me would have.

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