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Finally got around to finishing this.
I...ugh, I'm so heartbroken.
I want more!

I couldn't get over how brutal this season was, even when compared to the other stuff. Dark and twisted right up until the point where it wasn't.

I love bored to tears Aku, and major kudos to the gentleman who took over for the late Mako. He really did a stupendous job.

I felt like things were a bit rushed, and was NOT a fan of the Jack/Ashi thing until the moment when I suddenly was.
I mean, he's kind of ridiculously older than she is.

But then it just worked.

PTSD Jack was heartwrenching.
And I was legit shocked when the Scotsman died. Thank goodness for Celtic Magic.

A larger reunion with his parents would have been nice, but I like the final showdown with Aku. I mean, why would it be this long drawn out knock-down fight. Jack was one killing blow away from defeating Aku when the jerk sent him forward in time. The fact that it took five to actually wipe him out was more than enough.

But yeah, the ending was just...wah.
Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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A lot just get older and older and angrier and angrier, all the while waiting for the world to bend to their whim, never, ever really being satisfied with any of the "victories" achieved at large and wondering why no one outside of whatever construct bubble they've placed themself [sic] (look, I did it!) in wants to mess with them.
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