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RIP Wolverine and Swamp Thing Co Creator Len Wein

Len Wein, the best-selling comic book writer and editor who co-created Wolverine and Swamp Thing and edited Watchmen, has reportedly passed away.

The comics community is beginning to respond on social media after Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis tweeted out a memoriam message.

Wein's longtime Swamp Thing collaborator Bernie Wrightson passed away earlier this year.


I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.

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Oh, no! I knew he had surgery recently,heart surgery I believe. Still, I had no idea he was on death's door! He is my second favorite writer after Denny O'Neil. A wonderful person and Hall of Legends creator. He got the most out of little known characters and made classic stories from the 1970s'. I will always associate him with some of my favorite Batman stories like "Happy Birthday Dreadful,Joker!". Batman vs Two Face is in a way a tribute to him as it is Adam West since Wein's final work was teaming with my #2 artist Jose Garcia Lopes on the comic adaptation of the unairred '66 episode script. I am grateful to have met him 4 years ago. Swing from the rooftops of Heaven, Len. You among the elites!
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