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Mad Scientist
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Any one remember that Mickey Mouse cartoon Run away brain?

Man that one was great, just watched it. I miss that Mickey version

Amazing Animation, messed up story and classic Mickey.
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Stone Warrior
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I remember seeing it when we saw George of the Jungle in theaters. Man that s**t messed me up haha. It's my favorite Mickey short now though.
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I had a glow in the dark t-shirt of crazy, brainless Mickey. it was so weird, but I liked it.

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Crushing on Casey Jones
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I'm like wtf is this? So I googled and

Wow that image of rabid Mickey on top of a rooftop. I'm scared and aroused.

What is this abomination I'm about to dive into?

Watching it

Minnie came in and Mickey ignored her. Yeah I like this flawed Mickey version than the boring goody two shoes he's always being depicted by Disney. Reasons why Donald is always better than him.

The X-Ray..Mickey has brains in both his ears?? Okay..

Did Minnie just say "Go get him Mickey! Rip his ears off!" O_o Damn gurl u a freaky ass wild child.

At the end Minnie wore a green bikini with a bra, but all this while she's going on about topless with only her skirt, her titties on full display?? I can't with this logic.

It's a good cartoon, one of the best animated I've seen tbh.

Ready for TMNT in Injustice 2?

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