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Originally Posted by snake View Post
I'm one letter change away from being snoke.
Snoke the cuck.
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I hope Rey is asexual.

Through the Golden Door
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Daisy Ridley is an icon for the young females watching the movie, and part of the feminist beacon movement of the 2010's. She'll either have no love interest at all like Luke in the original trilogy, or she'll have a female love interest at some point.

We're in an era of change. Some of you need to get out of your old ways of thinking. This isn't 1995 anymore. Nowadays social media like twitter, tumblr, feminists, and youtube exists. Disney will never live it down if they screw this up.
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I Am The Doctor
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Its all up to what Supreme Leader Kennedy wants in the movies. She decides what goes on and if she doesn't like it she will put a stop to it

I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.
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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Snoke the cuck.
I'd add that tag but I've been cucked over my cuck-tag adding tendencies.
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a day inside snake, abrams rides again, cyber-dick, cybercucked, snake the cuck, snake vs lucasfilm, snoke the cuck, star cucks, vegita-san vs sjw's

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