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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post, I so would be repurposing them for Halloween decoration. My worn out old glasses got nonthin' on that.
I probably could do that one day if I wanted to. Usually keep some spares so that when I get a new eye made they can use the old one and I can have another to wear when I go out to the mall. Hopefully won't need that for two years, but we'll see.

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
So you were born blind?

Guess I learn something new everyday since I didn't even know false eyes existed until reading this, but its good to hear you are still doing well regardless.
No. I was born premature and the oxygen caused a mass to form in my right eye so I had to have it removed. The retina had already detached and they weren't sure if I had cancer it in it or not so they decided to remove it. I can still see out of my left eye though I do have to wear glasses to see perfectly. I did have a retinal detachment in my left eye though and if we hadn't caught it in time, I probably would be completely blind.

I do pretty well and though I did take Driver's Ed, I felt it wasn't a good idea to drive because I had so much trouble with it.
"A warrior who never fails, never learns."-The Ancient One.

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I still have the stuffed dog one of my aunts bought me after I was born prematurely. Old Spot still looks presentable, from what I'm told. I never scuffed him up when I was a baby. My mother says I chewed on the poor guy's nose. That's a bit loose, but otherwise he's alright.
I don't think I could part with the collar of my Tonkinese cat buddy who passed away last November. He would occasionally find a way to take it off so he could sneak around without his tags clinking together, randomly jumping out at people. I caught him on recordings pestering family members for cat treats, so I held onto those sound cards. He also had a well loved toy mouse he batted around right up to his final days. His much younger ragdoll kitty roomy has never shown much interest in it, but he'll give it a few slaps every now and then. Ragdolls are a very lazy breed.
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