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TMNT comic strips

Does anyone remember the daily TMNT comic strips uploaded onto the old Mirage website? I remember liking many of those and their story arcs. The Turtles were sorta drawn in a more Mirage like style, but the strips had a lot of humour. Even when they fought against Shredder and other bad guys.

I vaguely recall Dan Berger being behind them. Anyone else took part in them?

What newspapers were they on? And what time are those strips from exactly? Is there any way to obtain a collection of them? Have there been released collections of them or something?

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There are a couple old threads about this but it's good to see interest rear its head every year or so to remind IDW that we'd love some printed collections!

Yes, it was mostly all Dan Berger's baby, and you can find a lot of answers to your other questions in this link (as well as some further links to download a fair chunk of the series!):
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