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Yeah when Fugitoid's eyes lit up at the end of that ep I thought that meant he may be back, but then Ciro is writing a story about him, had the show not been cancelled maybe we would have seen him again.
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I'm really surprised Fugitoid never got a follow-up ep, I perhaps wondered if its because of the VA. That's really the only issue of unresolved plotlines I have with the show, I don't even care much that they just let Timmy/Mutagen Man die rather than helping him.

Really hope the Nick show does get a movie years down the line. I can see Fugitoid being involved, and I also believe the reason they had Tiger Claw declare a truce with the turtles instead of killing him off is so they could bring him back as an ally in the future too.
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Where did all the human foot ninja in NYC go?

Shredder tends to dispose of (I.E. Kill) subordinates that no longer hold any use for him or fail him. I mean yeah he does threaten Xever, Bradford, and even Karai at times for their failure but never does anything because we always see them continue to serve him. But they are mainstay villains so it's easier on the budget to just keep them whole and unharmed rather than making new henchmen for the Shredder to use or animate new injuries into their already existing character model.

But the Footsoldiers are the equivalent of red-shirts, so if they aren't killed in battle with the Turtles (which of course they never are because the Turtles usually knock them senseless instead of kill them) they are executed by Bradford on Shredder's orders for their failure.

One thing I did notice as well from a rewatch of the first couple of seasons is just how often they talk about time passing in 'months'. This may be down to some exaggeration, but even then it rather implies a significant length of time passing in each season. I'd always assumed it was about 1 season = 1 year but I know there were people on the forum who weren't convinced of that.
Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
In the Season 2 finale during the Kraang invasion, Casey does say this is, "Just as bad as the invasion from last year," meaning the Season 1 invasion. That basically says 1 year past between the end of Seasons 1 and 2.

Then again Mikey still says he's 15 years old to Napoleon Bonafrog in the Northampton arc afterward...but considering it's Mikey maybe he was too dumb to realize he aged a year.

I'm not sure if 5 years passed in-universe like in real life, but it was probably at least 3 years.

Well saying last year doesn't really mean a year has past. Last year could also mean the previous year period. Such as saying "The election last year" as in the election in 2016 rather than saying the election months ago.

As for the Turtle's aging their 15th mutation day is the last milestone wee see them celebrate. So saying for the sake of argument all of the first and second season take place over the course of a twelve month period. The turtles 16th mutation day would have passed without notice because there would be little reason to celebrate. Without acknowledgment of that milestone, Mikey more than likely hadn't registered that they had even aged.
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This one has come to mind now and then but I kept forgetting about it: Why did the Triceratons, when in their little individual fighter spaceships, just make that weird noise, sounding more like they were drowning, instead of actually speaking...
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