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Radical Rat
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Gearing Up For Toy Fair '04

Friday is the start of the International Toy Fair in New York. And we'll try to keep you in the know for all the new stuff that is seen and announced at the Playmates Booth. I've got a couple favors out with some of the Toy Sites, to try to get an answer to the elusive 'Baxter Stockman' figure. gave us some hints at some of the things we could see though. Including Scuba Gear Turtles, and a retooled Sewer Lair w/ a new Sewer Trap accessory and Exclusive Figure. Could this be the Splinter that was originally intended to be included in the first release of the Sewer Lair? Stay tuned for Friday.

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tOkKie-Pokie,puddin'n PIE
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-->> ..yeh.. you can pick me up that Baxter ..and please keep an eye out to see if they make the Shredder with belly that opens and he gives birth to a red baby Utrom.. THANKS,Boss.. you ah'ight!!

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i just wish icould find the next line...with todles turtles and the like...turtle titan....i want him so bad....but i really want a baxter...maybe now that he's got the exosuit...they'll do it

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