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How many shuriken could a turtle chuck...

Big honkin' week in TMNT news, lets see if we can get to it all!

First off, Season two of the old show is finally out on DVD! From the Eye of Zarnoth, the pizza monsters and Baxter "the fly" Stockman, a classic set worth drooling over.

The big Times Square Turtles event was on April 29th, our very own LUCKFF of the technodrome forums has brought back some pictures and details.

Cartoon Network will be moving the new TMNT toon to the 6:30 AM timeslot as of May 2nd, so now you can get some turtles to start your day while your munching yer cereal.

Peter Laird, Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot and Dan Berger are ALL attending... err... attended The Comic Book Show in Nashua, NH on May 1st... which is today. I'm really sorry about missing that one...

And lastly, Captain Dan Berger gives a schedule for the new TMNT toy releases from June to September, with pictures!

* Currently scheduled for June release:

1) Gen

2) Feudal Shredder

3) Robo Huntin' Turtles

* Currently slated for release in mid to late July:

1) Mutant Copter

2) Sour Power Mutant Maker

3) Sewer Spewer

4) Stealth FX Weapons (no pix available)

5) Combat Warriors (I'm not sure what these are, I assume TMNT variants)

6) Combat Cruisers (The packaging at Toy Fair had the figs in the box with the bike, but perhaps they'll be sold separately - see above. Time will tell)

7) Monster Trappers

M.E.C.H. Wrekkers

* Currently scheduled for September release:

1) Mystic Fury TMNT

2) Karai

3) Minnetonka Mutant (toy based on a contest run by Playmates Toys - a roach-like mutant that features the face of the contest winner. No pix available, sorry.)
[Thanks to tOkKa and LUCKFF for the scoop]
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