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Old 05-01-2010, 07:03 PM   #21
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How ome they dont make theese now?
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Old 05-03-2010, 01:47 AM   #22
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Thanks a lot everybody for those amazing scans!! thanks for sharing!!
I like a lot those covers and I LOVE the posters on gallery!!!!

If I want to send you Krang some scans must I do it to this address
Im going to receive soon, some posters of first movie...

Edited: ufff ..Posters arrive today and they are too much big for scan...I will post pics of them in Tmnt Random merchandising...

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Old 05-03-2010, 08:37 PM   #23
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Yes, that's the right email address. Although the posters couldn't be scanned, if you (or anyone else) have any other scans, feel free to send them in!

"My motherboard's microchips are chomping at the... 'bit'. A little computer humor." --Krang, Welcome Back, Polarisoids
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Old 03-08-2011, 11:26 AM   #24
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Very cool, there are some magazine covers on this thread I've never seen before.
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Old 03-09-2011, 09:34 AM   #25
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wish i knew about this when i was younger, would have been cool if i had some, or all of them
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