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Pimiko (Image) should be Shredder's Midnight Bliss.
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Here's the shredder sound file for his Mugen folder thats pretty much all James Avery, also has different variety of sound bytes that differ than what Dcat had as well. Hope you find this in good taste in regards of Avery's passing.

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Originally Posted by dcat View Post
Yes, this is just the old arcade palette. I have the Mirage comics palette as well. His entire face is in shadow when the helmet comes off for that mysterious faceless Shredder from the old books.

Do you mean like sliced in half? Or shredded into paper pieces?

Yes! The helmet falls off and spins, I didn't include it in the anim but it'll be in the character for certain!

Custom sprited the TMNT's female counterparts for when they're hit by the gender swapping Midnight Bliss attack!
In addition to Krang's Krangazoid sprite, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello's counterparts are complete thus far. Their Midnight Bliss forms being Venus de Milo from the 1997 Next Mutation live action series, Mona Lisa from the 1987 toon, Horridus from Image Comics and Irma also from the 1987 toon.
NES Tournament Fighters Hikoki Throw

I also got a little creative with official sprites from Hyperstone Heist and NES Tournament Fighters I've made some new "Dizzy birdies" for when the characters get stunned. Instead of the classic birdies or stars they're circling characters from TMNT lore. Shredder's has the four Yoshi Bros. and Krang's has Shredder Mike and Casey.

There'll be more to come!

TMNT Girls sprites is awersome! May we download it?
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