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Something from the Past
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IDW Pairing of Leo & Mike

I would like to give high praise to the IDW creative team for the pairing of Leonardo & Michelangelo, which I feel like has been happening throughout this IDW series. The two really compliment each other nicely. Taking Krang on, showing both of their fighting styles nicely, was brilliantly executed in my opinion. That move Mikey pulled from the bottom while Leo attacked the top? Awesome!

Likewise, I think Donatello & Raphael also gel nicely in this series. I've always preferred a Don/Raph team-up of all the Turtles because their personalities also naturally mesh well: brains & brawn. They were never not done well together in my opinion, so I'm glad IDW has followed suit.

But with Leo & Mike, I feel IDW is creating a new bond between the two that might have been otherwise overlooked in previous incarnations. Maybe it's coincidence, but I also feel that Leo & Mike are the most fleshed out IDW Turtles.

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I like the Raph/Donnie dynamic at IDW, but I have to disagree with you that they "gel nicely." I think if anything they definitely fight the most of the brothers and are completely opposite. Donnie is obviously the smart one of the group, and he knows it, and his arrogance or confidence in how smart he is drives Raph crazy. Raph on the other hand is definitely the brawn, and quick to action, willing to run in there and let the fists fly, without sitting there and pondering every situation like Donatello would. I think that Donnie may sees Raphael as a little but of crude brainless brute. Like I said, its an interesting and great dynamic, I like it, but I don't agree with the assessment that they gel, in fact I think it's that they fight, are complete opposites, & don't get along that makes their relationship so interesting.

My favorite relationship between the Turtles with IDW's take is definitely Raph & Leo's, it's refreshing to see them get along and not at each others' throats all the time.
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Mirage and 4kids did a pretty good job exploring the turtles relationships with each other and set a precedent for IDW. My favorite combination of two is Donatello and Michelangelo.
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Jelly Bean
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Originally Posted by corvus View Post
. My favorite combination of two is Donatello and Michelangelo.
I actually realy don't like this combination at all.

I think the Leo+Mike and Don+Raph thing started in the 80's cartoon show. The later season (say season 7 on) really show them being teamed up more and they two pair had a nice contrast to each other.
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