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Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post
Care to give an example of how a very bad character turned into a good one?

Once started as a rotten egg I don't think anyone wants to redeem it back..
Pokémon: Lusamine’s fix between games was very simple. Making her status as a victim of circumstance less ambiguous.

Scooby Apocalypse has picked up Scrappy himself, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t be giving characters like Eric Sachs another chance.

On-Topic: I agree on the Terrorpin idea, possibly tying her into the Father of All Reptiles and the Snapper (who may or may not have originally been Terrorpin). Speaking of which, that was the Dark Turtles’s vehicle’s alias as well. Could we make them into her mystical minions? They’d be a good way to also have the... Turtle Saint? Or an analogue thereof.

What of Picasso, Hans & Fritz (and other wrestlers), (Snappy) Warhol, Turtle Warriors, The Super Turtles, Squire Jerry, Archeloga & Tostegaron, etc... Can they be salvaged? I came up with an idea about Picasso and Warhol alongside Kirby in a B-Team led by Venus. I also think the Father of all Reptiles would be great in Rise. The Super Turtles could be combined with the Dark Turtles, or they, Kerma, and the wrestlers could be consolidated as the Turtle Warriors, which I’ve salvaged as a new set of manipulative villains (along with the Super Turtles becoming allies).

Squire Jerry would be obvious, if we secure the rights. As Leo’s squire, he could explore the depths of both himself and his master. And maybe he’d start as a page before being promoted.

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Uh...Prince Zuko?

Also, why are you bringing this four your old thread back from the depths?
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