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shredder orokusaki
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Nvidia rtx ray tracing

Nvidia announced yesterday their next graphics cards the RTX 2070 2080 and 2080 TI. These are the first graphics cards that support a new lighting techology that will make lighting and shadows look like real. Because of that they are also more expensive than previous cards with RTX 2070 costing 500 euros/dollars 2080 700 and 2080 ti..... 1100!!!

Of course this is not problem for me THE SHREDDER as i have unlimited money!

Here are the RTX gameplay videos that Nvidia showed! SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER METRO EXODUS CONTROL ATOMIC HEART Battlefield 5
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Mutant Tiger
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I have a GTX 1080 TI. Its shocking that the TI version is gonna be sold for over a thousand dollars. But not many games support the new features the 2080 will have. It will be a while until every game that comes out. Uses the RTX feature.

For the time being the 1080 TI is the best graphics card you can get.
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