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Lot of TMNT Promotional Items

This is a lot of promotional TMNT items that I have accumulated over the years. Most of it comes from Comic-Con of years past, some from other events. This is largely stuff that 99% of people throw away, so chances of finding some of this stuff is getting rarer and rarer.

This is an all-or-nothing lot. Some items in this lot I have more of, and I will likely be configuring more, similar lots after these sell. Some items these are all that I have. For reference on the price I am asking, I would not sell the "Lil Mikey" postcard, the 5-card video game postcard set, or the IDW Limited bookmark for less than $10 each separately. That right there adds up to $30, so you can consider the rest a nice bonus.

Let me know if you need a closer picture of any specific thing.

Price is $35 shipped within the USA.

TMNT 2007 movie postcard. Front is glossy art, back has production and cast information.
"Stomp the Foot, Join the Turtles" postcard. This was part of Nickelodeon's 2012 Comic-Con promotion for the launch of the new show.
Art postcard (red-ish background). 2014 SDCC promo postcard for Pixel Dan and Toy Yak.
Flyer for word record "Most People Dressed as a Ninja Turtle" event at Nickelodeon Universe.
TMNT 2012 postcard with promotional information for Nick Hotel in Orlando Florida.
Fat Rabbit Farm promo postcard for TMNT-inspired toys.
Lil Mikey promo art postcard from Mondo.
TMNT Munchkin game promo postcard.
Set of 5 promo postcards for TMNT Out of the Shadows video game. (FYI- These were "released" one per day at Comic-Con, so the chances of finding all four of them together probably aren't very high. And this game as no relation to the movie of the same name.)
San Diego Comic Art Gallery event postcard featuring art by Kevin Eastman.
TurtlesVsFoot sticker.
Gold foil IDW limited bookmark featuring art by Kevin Eastman.
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