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April in Secret of the Ooze

I never noticed just how little April does in this movie. She's basically just window dressing for most of her scenes and considering how much she's in the movie, she has basically nothing to contribute.

It's kind of telling how detached she is in the story when you can remove her only real scene from the movie (her at work arguing with her boss about following up on TGRI) and it wouldn't change a single thing. She never ends up following up with TGRI beyond that scene. And the only information that she recieves from Donatello (informing her that Raph is missing) ends up being a moot point since Keno comes running to her to tell that anyway.

Everything is just happening around her.

Her last line of dialogue in the film is "But you guys don't stand a chance!" and that comes with still another half hour to go in the movie. We don't even get a little tag scene at the end with April in the sewer with Splinter when the turtles come back from the showdown.

Not sure why I bring this up to be honest. Just never really noticed it before.

Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

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