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probably. just saw that theory elsewhere and found it an interesting comparison.

although I still think that all this being a smoke screen for the KK article popping up being far more likely.
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Apparently this rumor was false, the Rose controversy does seem like it was made to double down on the "we're doing nothing wrong narrative". And there are 9 movies in various stages of development so expect an annual movie for the next decade.

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A new report from the floor of the Tysons Corners, Virginia All-Stars Comic Con includes an alleged statement by Tom Kane, who served as the voice actor for Yoda circa The Clone Wars. According to Kane, Lucasfilm is working on a ton of movies – but one starring the diminutive Jedi Master is not on the cards.

Frequent Star Wars podcaster Aaron Goins recently got a chance to speak with Kane at the ASCC, and while he was there, Kane told him that Lucasfilm isn’t even thinking about slowing down development on other projects after Solo struggled so much at the box office:

Tom Kane seems to be somewhat in the know but very hesitant to share.. claims there are at least 9 Star Wars films in various stages of development, some individual character stories yet to be announced, but definitely not Yoda
Episode IX
Spin Off (Fett?)
Rian Johnson film 1
Spin Off (Obi Wan?)
Rian Johnson film 2
Spin Off (More OT pandering)
Rian Johnson film 3
Spin Off (More OT pandering 2?)
Other Trilogy ?
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