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When I first saw this movie, it felt like a long overdue sequel to the original movies. The Turtles were older, they had each started doing their own thing, and it seemed like that was about where they would be in that universe's continuity.

I don't know if it's an official part of that universe, but I'll always consider it to be.
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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Punker View Post
I don't know if it's an official part of that universe, but I'll always consider it to be.
Oh, stop it. Of course it's a part of that universe. Here's an only 3 year-old interview:

“The memento wall was a way to try and have TMNT play in continuity with the earlier, live-action films,” explains Munroe. “I probably would have done a complete reboot if presented with the idea. But Pete was pretty adamant about not doing a reboot while not necessarily having TMNT play with the rest of the franchise. So, I just took a stand and said, ‘Yes, TMNT exists with the other films.'”
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Never really thought of that before, i just thought it was a stand-alone movie with it's own story/universe.

I didn't really like the movie much, it wasn't bad but the villian was boring.
And i didn't like Splinters voice, as my girlfriend said "He sounds like a drunk yoda"
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To me, the 2007 movie always felt like a stand-alone film in it's own universe. I never felt it was connected to the 90's live action films, but I maybe i'd think differently if I re-watch it sometime soon.

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tmnt 2007

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