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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
It's never going to be a "City of War" as seen originally in Mirage, but it would come close enough.
I don't know what this means.

And what moments? Casey drunkenly murdering someone? Splinter eating rats? The Turtles getting "woke" about having been raised their whole lifetimes to kill Saki (which isn't a thing in IDW)? Because those are the takeaways.
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Looking forward to what they've got planned for this version of this popular TMNT arc. Curious over what all four fractions are gonna be (two of them have to be different fractions of Foot). Main things I wanna see happen:
  • Karai becoming head of the Foot.
  • Casey's arc heading towards his mirage "Shades of Gray" arc.
  • Baxter Stockman becoming Mayor of New York.
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Oh yeah, that's going to be dead certain around that time.

And an explanation why April is backing him so adamantly and acting kind of weirdly. After the Triceratons left, she's gone shady. What are you doing, you funky little puppet master?

The fight between Mike and Splinter might just fully escalate, with Splinter trying to really figure out what he's become since taking over the Foot.

Chances are they're finally going to go into what Krang had intended to do with the Hamato family's genetic information, but I'm not entirely sure how they're going to learn that. I don't exactly imagine a space in potential plot where Donatello would be able to talk to Ma'riell about his history (given how she's the one who collected from their original bodies in the first place).

I guess the best thing it could break down to thematically would be "Casey gets tested, Splinter goes through some sh*t, turtles realize they were meant to be weapons".

With that in mind, we do need to remember that their experience time travelling to an Utrom research expedition and inadvertently inspired Churk to create the Triceratons...after the turtles escaped capture. The Triceratons are what Quanin wanted from the "lizard warriors" that wrecked a research facility. So...there's a paradox that needs to be dealt with.
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