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gamecube revisited

I remember enjoying the first game, but not caring much for the other two.
I also remember the first game being REALLY hard...and also tough to get used too, as this was still one of my first forays into 3D gaming. I remember not liking the radar function...and thinking the bosses where WAY too hard. and didn't have too many predictable patterns.

15 years or so later?

it's remarkable how good the first game holds up.

the combat is smooth. the programing and camera work is good. the sprites are good, if a bit lo poly. the combat is fun, so you don't miss the one kill two button attack. the moves look like real ninja moves.

The bosses got remarkably easier this time around, after not having played it in 15 years. especially the mystic ninjas, which I remember haunted my dreams the first time around.

the only thing that is really annoying about this game is the layout. the selection of levels and how it continues after you die makes constant replay a chore. and all the repeated voice work of the characters gets annoying to listen too after the first minute with a phrase being repeated every single hit. but it's nice to have the cast in there, minus Hun.

It'll be interesting to see how the other two games hold up, but i'm having fun revisiting this one. good thing i still have all the original discs.
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