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General Traag 1987

General Traag based on his appearance in the first season of the original TMNT cartoon. The original 1989 General Traag figure was about the same height as the turtles and looked completely different than his cartoon appearance, so I decided to customize it to be toon accurate. Took the original Traag figure and repositioned head/limbs and made taller, and completely sculpted over the whole figure using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Painted the figure with enamel and acrylic paints. Gun is from 1992 "April" figure, and sculpted a new holster for it with Kneadatite. Also sculpted an additional gun with apoxie trying to replicate the cartoon gun, my first attempt at sculpting accessories. So here he is, Krang's #1 Rock Soldier, General Traag.

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Amazing work as always!
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damn son!!!!!!!
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Oh damn, that's a much more appealing-looking toy!

Also, on our similarly patterned names...
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Very nice!
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Thatís fantastic
Love the work
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TurtleManiac, your customs Rock!

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Thanks you all for the kind words! Much appreciated!

I just made an Instagram account to showcase all my past, present, and future TMNT custom action figures. I'll be adding more content to it soon, if anyone's interested and wants to follow that be awesome. Instagram ID: turtlesintime617

General Traag sculpt done ready for paint, more work in progress pics on Flickr, link below.

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You sir are the best!
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Tartaruhga Muhtante
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Nice job , pal

I am very impressed.
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That's sweet work, bro. I'd have begged my parents for that toy when I was a kid.
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That's an awesome toy custom that you did of ol' rock head.
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Nice work! I enjoyed the General Traag figure as a kid, but realized as I got older it looks almost nothing like the cartoon version. I also never got the random snakes, bugs, and spiders they placed all over some of the figure's sculpts, like this one.
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How about a Granitor figure too?
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