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Coola Yagami
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One cliche I like is when there's a danger so big, the good guys and bad guys have to team up to save the world. I like bad guys that are smart enough to realize that if the um.. other bigger badder bad guys win, they'll die too because they live on this planet too. Bonus points if the bad realize they have to let their accursed hero go because if they don't they're basically stopping the only person that can save everything and again, they'd die too.

I do agree with the cliche of the bad guy that wants to destroy the world not realizing he's gonna die too. There was a funny Youtube video where the one of the bad guy's henchmen jumps the gun and kills James Bond with a laser. With him dead they are free to continue with their doomsday laser, and the main villain is now hesitant because he realizes he really will kill all life including himself, but his henchmen keep cheering for him to push the button, since this was all part of the master plan anyway.

Another cliche that bugs me as I get older is the whole 'the guy will always get the girl in the end, no matter what the guy looks like'. Like a random fat slob will somehow make the girl fall for him because he's so sweet and endearing and all that jazz. I guess now that I see the world through different eyes as an adult, I kinda find it funny how the super hot model chick somehow falls for this loser, and she's painted as a bad guy or dumb if she doesn't right away... while I've very rarely seen a movie or show where a muscular dream boat falls for a chubby nerd girl and he's painted as a bad guy or a jerk just because he doesn't fall for her right away.

I don't know. Movie gonna movie, I guess. I also got sick of the cliche or random forced romance during times of crises. Like aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, whatever attack the town, there's still time for random strangers to somehow fall in love during all this insanity and then big hug and kiss at the end. Now it kiiinda makes sense when they people are already in a relationship or were in it before, I mean we have movies where people facing divorce somehow renew the spark and remarry or whatever after surviving oblivion, but random strangers?

Like dude, the big muscular action hero is also a cop/soldier/whatever, so like, he's not saving your life cause he wants you, he's doing his job and would do the same for any other woman.

Plus, I always wonder what happens after these movies. Sure, Mr. Action Man saved your life a few times and helped blow up the bad guy at the end with a witty line, and suddenly you're in love. Now what? Is the hero also good at getting a job, is he a jerk during downtime, is the woman a total bitch or something and hard to live with? How does their story really end?
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