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That answers my question on why all these old reprints are taking up shelf space. Its a good thing that shows the strength of the back issue log. People could get digital copies or read them for free or like me get a run of back issues on the secondary market yet they prefer cheap hard copies of classic issues.

I do love the Snickers ad, the Batman chasing Catwoman on a cat themed jewel heist, a ridiculous trap set by The Riddler, Clayface (Matt Hagen) holding discotech going youth's hostage for ransom and stopped by The Dynamite Duo. If only it was full length and did not have to revolve around Snickers. Its the best part of some of the comics.

I said it before and I said it again, Didio needs to retire. This diversity enforcement will blow up in his face. Dick and Wally are the true heirs. Create new heroes, its an easy answer that creators are not willing to invest in.
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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
I get my information form CBR and a pair of message boards. I don't read it myself (aside form #50-54). Is it some kind of what if? However, I argree with the shrug. Its just this...
But they're still releasing this weird "RIP Alfred" story? It makes zero sense.
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CBR don't know s*it. Never have.
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DC have promoted lead Supergirl and Metal Men editor Jessica Chen to a full time editor of the Bat-Range

Preview for Green Lantern: Blackstars#2

ROFL, in this altered timeline, Jon wants to run away and join the Blackstars, Belezebeth comments on how Batman's villains went from committing imaginative crimes to wanting to attack Bruce personally all the time, Wonder Woman is about to chop off Tyrant Bull's 'package', and Superman tells Hal the heroes are more concerned with their 21st century mental health issues rather than help people. He also makes reference to a "depressoverse" that scientists have discovered

Morrison is a global treasure. Preserve him for all time.

A new word baloon podcast with Matt Fraction is up.

He very casually alludes to a post-Doomsday Clock spoiler

Johnathan and Martha Kent are restored to continuity
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