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Originally Posted by ssjup81 View Post
The DVD release that had the last few eps of season 4 and the first four of season 5. I saw the eps already tooabout two or three weeks ago.
Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
No, the new DVD came out in America and it had the 4 latest episodes on it, so 3 episodes (The Forgotten Swordsman, Heart of Evil and End Times) were already seen before they aired on TV.
Wow, that's just... not normal.

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Pretty intense episode. I don't think Donnie having an aggressive side is OOC for him because I think the whole reason for it is because the Don was going to harm him and he couldn't take that lying down. Luckily he snapped out of it, but it makes me wonder if there's more there than meets the eye with Donnie. Loved how things played out though even if the good guys lost again.
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This was the first episode done by one of the blue teams, Team Leo. My old mentor from school was the lead and he had been on the show more or less from season 1. Not one of my episodes but in a studio teams help each other out. I helped out on the layout phase since we had some extra time during that phase for them.

Some good action as usual that one of the directors used a shot from to show us some workflow stuff when we first started. I remember seeing it and having an issue with Donny's revenge story. If this was a season 1 episode I could have understood it more but the last season of the show it just rang hollow.
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