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Gonna wait a year for the price to drop and all the bugs to be worked out of the hardware, as usual. Looking forward to it, though.

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So Microsoft is officially shuttering the ability to obtain games on the ol' 360's Indie service today.

Are there any games that y'alls really loved? Anything that stuck with you, or maybe just something that you enjoyed despite being terrible AF?

The Xbox Live Indie Games program actually got me a job, so it'll always have a special place in my heart. I really liked Battle High: Elemental Revolt and when I found out they were working on a sequel, I pitched voice acting for it and wound up not only voicing 3 characters and the announcer, but also cast the actors for the rest of the launch roster.

I also first bought Wizorb on the 360. I love me some Breakout clones and this is by and far one of the better ones out there. Since then I've also bought it on PSP and OUYA.

I also really like Chu's Dynasty but the roster was way too tiny. I'm disappointed the devs never ended up expanding the game.

Oh! And Streets of Fury! An incredibly cheeseball brawler with digitized graphics that's nevertheless loads of fun. With skill and/or luck you can rack up INSANE combos!
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