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Top 10 Cardback Art and File Cards from the Original Playmates Toyline

For many children of the 80s and early 90s, best part of owning the vintage action figures was taking them out of the package and then looking at what to do with your character by looking at the front of the card. What were your favorite cardback art and file cards from the original Playmates line?

My Top 10 Cardback Artwork:
1) Rat King
2) Baxter Stockman
3) Ace Duck
4) Wacky Walkin’ Mouser
5) Wingnut & Screwloose
6) Mike, the Sewer Surfer
7) Splinter
8 ) Leo, the Sewer Samurai
9) Muckman & Joe Eyeball
10) Super Shredder

My Top 10 File Cards
1) Casey Jones
2) Rat King
3) Breakfightin’ Raphael
4) Scratch
5) Shell Slammin’ Mike
6) Dirtbag
7) Muckman & Joe Eyeball
8 )Mutagen Man (aka Seymour Gutz)
9) Pizzaface
10) Monty Moose
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