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Scooby Doo & V.R Troopers: Bytes of Reality

Like several, I was left disappointed with the Scooby movie "Curse of the 13th Ghost" and how it wrapped up the story of the "13 Ghosts" series. I began brainstorming several ways I could 'fix' it and a unique idea came to me, one that also allowed me to 'fix' every other issue I've had with the SD franchise over the years...and also allows me to scratch the itch of something else I cherished from my childhood and never got real closure on

Presenting, in the proud vein of the New SD Movies and Guess Who, a major crossover event between two largely forgotten or underappreciated series, the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo and Saban's V.R Troopers!

This 20 page fully illustrated comic will be made available for free in PDF form when it is finished. Art is by Dr. Desus, the talented artist behind my Simpsons series finale comic. Inquiring minds can find him available for service over on Fivver.

Front Cover

First sneek peek:

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