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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
"Baxter Stockman was totally gay you guys. He has never been shown in a relationship with a woman, you can't disprove it!"
He had a fetish for sentient computers.
Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The biggest villains were the censors.
What they could do without being held back is my question.
Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building.
I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue.
Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
lol Oh god.

I bet it already exists in fanfic.

You're not far off. I've seen some funny ones of Shredder/April, Splinter/April, and Shredder/Krang. Might have to go hunting now just see if there are and Saki/Splinter (Yoshi) fics.
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Tube of black henna +

Leo's simple little wrist tattoo +

my ankle and an attempt to copy it just for fun and why the heck not.

It's a little messy and probably more crooked than I can tell, but turned out okay and only temporary, so good enough and a decent test of the stuff. Got a tube of black and blue (and debating on getting a few more colors) to play with for the summer; TMNT themes or otherwise.

6/30 - Remember those old Magic Eye books? They should have done a TMNT one. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

7/2 - Shame on you, whoever stole one of the stickers out of a TMNT b-day card at one of my stores. Now the whole thing has to be credited out and tossed, because no one is going to buy it for a kid with it missing. Shame. The Leo sticker no less... And you call yourself a fan of heroes...good guys. *TISK* They'd be disappointed in you.

Even if it's fine for me to keep the rest of the sticker sheet from it before I toss it out, there's no Leo. HMPH.

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Was playing Rocky Horror's Time Warp on YouTube, and maybe it's incredibly random...but I sort of want to see the Turtles do it, along with human friends (and maybe some fellow mutants), of course. That would be amazing.

7/28 -- Is there any particular reason why pre-owned TMNT "The Works" Volume 4 is particularly expensive? Been keeping an eye out for one that's a decent price, but so far $30 is still the cheapest I've seen anywhere online.

Just saw new eBay listings for it and three of the others all posted by the same seller and even then the 1st and 2nd are just under $20, $10-something for the 5th book that can easily be found cheap on ebay (why is that one so cheap?) and the 4th... $38. What gives.

I assume the seller probably checked to see what the going prices were on the site, but it's odd I never see it at a better price, even those only listed as GOOD condition, and meanwhile in April I scored a LIKE NEW volume 3 for only $12.

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I can easily see a few pages of IDW where Pete is wearing this:

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Have there been real life sightings I'm not aware of? Guys, I think Google knows something.

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