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80's Shredder vs Dr Robotnik, who is better and who would win in a fight?

I was watching some Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog a few days ago and I noticed some striking similarities that Dr Robotnik shared with Shredder from the 80s series:

1. Obsessed with the main protagonist(s)
2. Constantly using a wide vocabulary of insults
3. Has two incompetent henchmen (Bebop and Rocksteady vs Scratch and Grounder)
4. Has an army of useless robots (robotic foot soldiers vs Dr Robotnik's robotic inventions)
5. Has abused others for his own gain (Coconuts vs Baxter Stockman)
6. Has had a large robot designed to beat the main protagonist, appearing in two episodes (Chrome Dome vs the Music Destroyer)
7. Usually used for comic relief, has his moments of being badass, but is almost always defeated no matter how threatening he is.

Im curious as to who you think were better and more fun characters. Being a tmnt fan, most dromers would say Shredder is better, and I think hes much better too, but whats your opinion on their similarities? Was robotnik a blatant rip off or was he original enough? Also, who would win in a fight when comparing their armies? (excluding Krang and the rock soldiers, technodrome, because that would make the side far too one sided.)
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i love shredder orokusaki

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