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Fruit that tastes like different fruit are just odd. But a good odd. lol Ever seen those apples that are red on the inside? o.O I'd like to find some for sale someday.

I admit it... the ads for Nick's new Mysticons series has me slightly annoyed feeling like it's stepping on TMNT's toes a little and gets a more serious show while our boys are due to get dumbed down. *sigh*

I mean really, a team of four that the ads have labeled "unlikely heroes" (or something like that) and points them out as "the leader," "the muscle," and split a Mikey sort in two. (I guess no Donnie, but wouldn't be surprised if that is filled in elsewhere.) They can't tell me they didn't take some cues from TMNT.

(According to wikipedia, there's also some disk thing that "assigns future generations of four new Mysticons when the time comes," so there's some Power Rangers influence too I guess?)
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