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Lethal Lullaby
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Angry What Grinds Your Gears? :)

What grinds my gears?
  1. Politicians
  2. Schools who think they're so much better than the other
  3. People who scrape their fork on their plate while eating.
  4. When it's way too flipping hot out.
  5. People who try to shove religion down your throat.
  6. Dishes that aren't rinsed off all the way and there's still stuff on them.
  7. people who talk louder than they should. (Like I wanna hear you from my room when your right across the street cussing at someone)
  8. When my brother touches my ninja turtle action figures. (Even when I tell him not to touch them or else.)
  9. The fact that there ain't seatbelts on school buses. (I mean what if one day you're in a bus and suddenly your being chased down by a pack of heavily armed hummers and escalades?)
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