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Foot Soldier
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Pinball And Arcade

One of the things I like to play and some day own when I get more space and enough money to buy a house with my best friend (his 43rd birthday is today) is an arcade and pinball games.

I have fond memories of it back when my dad was around and I was a kid back in the good ol' 80s and 90s when my dad would take me to the bowling alley every Wednesday. He bowled on a league with the guys at his work and I would play the pinball and arcade games and have soda and candy and cheese sticks or cheese fries. I accidentally made a tradition for when I play those kind of games and that is I must enjoy either a Butterfinger candy or a box of Junior Mints. I still do that. For every game or strike my dad bowled, I got some money to play the arcades and pinballs. I miss that place, Wheaton Bowl. You don't see too many bowling alleys with electronic games and if you do, it just doesn't have that nostalgic feeling anymore.

The games and other stuff I would love to get in the future man cave are:
Ninja Turtles 1989
Ninja Turtles In Time
The Simpsons
Pit Fighter
Mortal Kombat I
Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat III
Street Fighter II
Lethal Enforcer
Final Fight
Gauntlet I
Super Mario Bros
Ridge Racer

Pinball games I want:
The Addams Family
Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball
Dale Jr.
Elvira And The Party Monsters
Elvira's House Of Horrors
The Gateway: High Speed II
High Speed I
Indiana Jones Adventure
Mustang Premium Edition
Oktober Fest
Popeye Saves The Earth
Rescue 911
Rollercoaster Tycoon
Royal Rumble WWF
Scared Stiff
The Simpsons
Space Jam
Star Wars Trilogy
Street Fighter II
Ninja Turtles 1990 Data East
Ninja Turtles 2020 Stern Pro
Terminator 2
Theatre Of Magic
Twilight Zone
White Water
Willy Wonka
Wizard Of OZ Emerald Green Version
WWE Wrestle Mania

Tabletop games:
Tornado Foosball
Air Hockey
Dome Hockey
Standard Pool table

Misc. Stuff:
A Bar with beer tap and sink
Snack vending machine (AP 6600)
Pepsi Dixie Narco vending machine
Restaurant booths for taking a pinball break and have fried junk food

Things I already own now:
Conan The Barbarian sword
4 Star Wars FX light sabers
Pair of nunchuks with dragons on them
Pair of sais
A bo staff with dragons on them
A blue katana sword
Gaming posters
Movie posters
Wrestling images with and without autographs
Coors Light neon sign
Coors Light bar sign
Images of Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer
Japanese wall scroll
Sword rack
Coors Light metal sign
Ford Neon clock
Leonardo image with Brian Tochi's autograph
4K entertainment set up
ARCADE neon sign
SEGA neon sign
Leon S. Kennedy Resident Evil 2 RPD costume
Resident Evil clock
And same sort of stuff in the bathroom

I know you're probably thinking: he's forever unemployed and living on a limited disability income. How is he going to afford all this? Well, I'm not going on this journey alone. I'm confident enough that my best friend and I will get a job soon and when we do, we're going to save our money and when the time comes, we'll put our money together and buy a decent house with a finished basement and slowly get those games and accessories one at a time over a long period of time. This is my dream man cave and nothing will stop me.
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The Deadman
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I dont have any of the cabinets but there's a decent amount of pinball video games that have tables that look pretty damn good.

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Some years back there was a PS3 Marvel Comics-based Pinball game that was actually really good. I don't think it ever got a physical release, but I DL'd it from the network back in the day.
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Old 02-22-2024, 12:22 AM   #4
Mad Scientist
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Yeah, I always found arcade games and pinball pretty fun. I have an in-law-related relative of my relative who has a basement of pinball machines; they repair them for a living. I've played there a couple times; it's fun. They also have a few aquantinces in the same line of work who have houses full of pinball machines too. They hold tournaments there; I participated as a guest once.
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Hamato Yoshi
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Jaws pinball wouldve been cool....but not for 7k tho
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