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Originally Posted by Garnet View Post
Thank you Barkworm, the gesture is appreciated.

It seems we will never know what really happened. For the restoration site of the spire, electric tools, alarms, and other temporary electrical installations were needed. It's certainly an accident : it's not the first time a historical building suffers fire during restoration work.

But in order to know exactly what happened, investigators have to find clues in the debris. It will take a long time, and since the fire was so violent, there is little hope : clues are certainly destroyed. We won't even learn from the mistake that was made so that it never happens again.

I'm happy that the organs can be saved. I don't think it's possible to build an exact replica of that kind of instrument.
I am fairly confident that they will be able to find out what caused the fire eventually. I believe they use burn patterns and chemicals devices to determine where the fire started and if an accelerant was used.(Not saying there was!) Bust just an example of a few techniques I know they use. But maybe ur right, maybe they won't know the exact source, but I am hoping they will get fairly close at least.

I am now waiting for the conspiracy theorist to come out and claim that the fire was staged to raise funds.....
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You're right, maybe it's not that hopeless. I just heard on the radio that there are suspicions about the elevators of the restoration site.

Conspiracy Ah, it just shows how strained the atmosphere is nowadays.
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Arson forensics is pretty crap, so we may never know for sure. My money is on carelessness.
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