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It's a Mikey and Splinter comic. It's a totally new story where I commissioned a guy to do the art. It was only 4 pages but I had been working on it until the program kept closing out on me all of the sudden. I just shelved it at that point. The voice actor recorded all his lines for Mikey and I'll do Splinter but I thought I'd like to try and get back to it so everyone can see the fruits of their labor. It's been way too long.

Awesome. I use Audacity quite a bit so I'm familiar with it. Sony Vegas not so much. Anything is worth a try though.
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Secret History of the Foot Clan

I look for next part of Secret History of the Foot Clan.
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Excellent job here!
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And now, the season 2 finale of TMNT...


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*starts listening*

Saki & Yoshi sound very convincing. The others are great too. Well done everyone!

Hmm... I'm wondering.. if Mike could read ancient Japanese writings, why couldn't the other turtles? Everyone seems surprised, even Donnie?

Ready for TMNT in Injustice 2?
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