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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
When you have dyscalculia and a game requires you to use a function of math that's new to you.

This specifically
I just tried to read that link, and my brain bluescreened.
Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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It only took 30 years
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I'm still trying to work it out...

hello darkness my old friend...

Soooo it turns out the number you're given is deliberately incorrect and you have to let the machine in the game attempt to autocorrect you and you just use the number it gives you automatically...

Damn you, Cyan!!!


Got stuck in a cart, couldn't move it, couldn't get out, started a new game...still stuck in the cart!
So we had to delete all the save files and start fresh...

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Goolge Images seems to have removed the "view image" and "search by image" features.

So much for just being able to see just the image itself, in it's actual full size, without having to go to some damn full website page with zero warning if the site/page itself is safe or not, and wait for it to load up if it's a slow one, NOR easily be able to find a larger or smaller version of said image (esp helpful when posting to forums imo)...

UGH. Took away two features I often used.

edit: There are articles... Great, it's due to complaints all coming from Getty Images. One site/company just ruined something good.

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Flat tire #1, ran over some kind of log in the middle of the road. must have just happened.

Flat Tire number 2, just now. Pothole. Two cars down.
'Wrong, April. We've Been upgraded to Women hating TROLLS'
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Strained my wrist in my sleep, been hurting a bit all day and work didn't help... So rather than getting makings for lasagna as originally intended I bought wrist support wrap thing instead that could have been cheaper...
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