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Random Punk
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The Avengers Project

I found out yesterday about this:

It was reported on many websites (english and french) so I guess it's serious enough to discuss it.

It would be a reboot of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliances games we had a few years ago, but the gameplay would be a mix between Uncharted & Infamous.

Playable characters should at least have Captain America, Ironman & Scarlet Witch. Since this is a reboot of MUA we should have many characters to play.

It should also be connected to the PS4 Spider-Man game coming out next September. Maybe we can expect a post-credit scene or something to make the link between both games.

Personnaly, I was a huge fans of MUA games. I bought the PS4 version containing the DCL characters.

I also am a huge fan of Infamous games. Controlling Marvel superheroes in a Infamous-like game is great news. With the 3 characters I mentioned earlier, we can expect 3 different gamplays:

Captain America: Close range fighter
Ironman: Can fly and attack from long range
Scarlet Witch: Can use spells; different than "shooting beams"

The first trailer we got a few months ago:
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Mutant Tiger
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The Square Enix E3 2019 Press Conference revealed a Trailer for the Marvel's Avengers game.

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