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'Tales of the TMNT' anthology movie?

Well, with all of the different ideas on what a reboot should be, I was wondering if the right answer for what to do next might not be a 'tales of the TMNT' film, with four or so shorter stories adapted from the comics. Something like, having it set in the late 80's, and April's helping out at a community youth center in New York, and when the kids get out of hand, she starts telling them stories of the turtles;

story#1-TMNT, vol. 1, issue 1- An almost totally faithful adaptation of the origin, beat for beat. Maybe some mystical ninja stuff in there, that explains how a normal rat learned ninjitsu. This is the BEST idea for an origin retelling I can think of.

story#2- TMNT vol.1, issue #2- TMNT vs. Baxter and the Mousers, turtles meet April. Only changes are April plays more of a role in defeating Mousers, and the turtles lair isn't destroyed and Splinter isn't captured.

story#3- Tales of the TMNT vol. 1., issue #6- Leatherhead's first story, with Jack Marlin. Just remove the foot soldiers and Utroms, add April to the story, and change Leatherhead's origin so he was mutated by runoff mutagen in the sewers that mutated the turtles.

Story #4- Tales of the TMNT vol. 1, issue #4- I monster adapted, with the TMNT Fighting the rat king. Just remove Casey, have them training April how to fight at the abandoned factory, and have Splinter with them so the Rat King can take control of him, having the TMNT being forced to fight a controlled Splinter.

In the end, none of the kids believe the stories, which April knew they wouldn't, while the turtles watch and laugh from the shadows. All the changes are for continuity within the movie instead of the comics, and this could set up for a possible 'return to new York' sequel. Would that concept be a good idea for a restart? Would an anthology, maybe even a different collection of stand alone issues adapted, work better than a bloated origin film that retreads the 1990 movie again?

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