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The Toys That Made You?

1 about an hour ago Report post
I'm sure Netflix users may have seen the documentary series 'The Toys That Made Us', it looks at 80's toy-lines...probably before the time of most of us on this forum. A 3rd series is about to come out, featuring Turtles!!!!!!!!!, WWE wrestlers, Power Rangers etc while Transformers, He-Man etc has already been done.

So I thought I would start a thread on the Toys That Made, video games, movies, tv shows, board games, whatever, things you loved as a kid....not including Turtles, obviously.

I'll start.....

My second love, After TMNT of course...

Visionaries: Knights of the magical light

They didn't go on very long, but somehow i ended up with a fair few as a kid and still have a couple lying around today.

Another favourite.....

The Game of Life, I can remember playing this as a kid so often, even though most of it didn't make sense to me then, I loved it.

I'll add some more when others chip in.
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She-Ra, Legos, and MLP. Barbie to some degree, and Hot Wheels and Tonka toys. Had a fair number of all of the above. No Turtles, alas, but I had a cousin who had both them and Transformers, and I always enjoyed playing with them when I went to visit him. Another cousin had nearly all the Star Wars toys, and I remember being a bit jealous of that, being a big fan from a very young age.
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Andrew NDB
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Legions of Power toys for certain. Then Ghostbusters and TMNT on about the same level. Wasn't really into anything else (maybe a smattering of Transformers and Go-Bots), and the big GI Joe toy craze seemed half a generation behind me. Never into He-Man.
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Candy Kappa
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I was really into Action Man (1990's version) and Barbie which i mixed both lines with, I was a stickler on who was the hero when playing with dolls, it was the most articulated one with no sculpted clothing on, the other ones was used as henchmen for Dr. X or that partner that died and Action Man had to avenge him. I had the same idea when it came to Barbies, I hated sculpted on clothing because that ruined the whole doll gimmick, and my favorite barbie was also one with the most articulation; a rider Barbie, she had articulation like a action figure and not a standard barbie doll so she had joints in her knees and elbows and had ball jointed hips and flat feet.

I was also into Biker Mice from Mars, Street Sharks, Transformers, Crash Dummies, Polly Pocket, Mighty Max, Batman and Spider-Man.

A friend of mine had a bunch of the Legends of Batman figures that was awesome, I just had animated series figures and from the movies.

Micro Robots (Z-Bots) was also a line I adored as a kid and had a bunch of the small robots and 2 larger ones Tranzor and Ultrabot. But my favorites where Scammer and Tallon
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I wouldn't say any toys "made me" . But sure there were ab unch of toys I loved from my childhood such as:

- Action Man
- Lego
- Playmobil
- Lots of stuffed toys
- 2k3 TMNT action figures
- Wrestling action figures
- Toy Story toys(had Woody, Buzz and Mr. Potato head)
- Lots of toy cars

Then I had some generic ones ranging from toy soldiers to toy farms, toy garages, etc.
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He-Man was by far the biggest for me. I had about half of the entire line, including vehicles and playsets. The Toys R Us over here used to have a whole entire aisle just for He-Man toys, with a big colorful banner and backdrop. It was amazing.

I was pretty into The Real Ghostbusters as well, but not quite as much. I had the firehouse and the Ecto-1 (and 1A), a bunch of the figures and ghosts, and a lot of the accessories like the Proton Pack and stuff like that.

I got heavy into collecting wrestling figures when the WWF Hasbro line started. I have most of that line, and a ton from other lines as well. At this point that's by far what I have the most of.

I only collected a few of the main TMNT figures back in the day, although I did have the van and a few other vehicles.

There's a ton of other stuff I collect, but that's the bulk of what I collected when I was younger. I had a little bit of everything. Like I have a handful of DC and Marvel figures from 1989-1991, but I didn't really collect them very heavily at the time.

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While I liked shows like He-man and Thundercats my toys were mostly dolls, Barbie/or that type majority but some other types too, with my Mattel My Child Dolls being a favourite.

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Some what safe with a few oddball choices for a 90s kid:
Power Rangers
Saint Seiya
Mighty Max
Jurassic Park
Star Wars (Micro Machines)

These were the most important toylines for me as a kid, pretty much all TMNT copy cats got lumped as TMNT villains/allies for me as a kid so there goes Gargoyles, Toxic Crusaders, Bucky, Random Marvel bad/good guys, Skeleton Warriors, hell even 90s New Adventures He-Man was just a guy to get beat up while playing turtles.

Other less important toylines I liked and collected as a kid: Aliens/Predator, Stretch Armstrong, Dragon Ball, Pokemon

I can say the last time I ever played with toys was in 1999 and it as an epic battle of the Turtles against their biggest foe Venom & Hadler (Villain of an anime), pretty much all the non-turtles cast died in the battle. RIP, a great way to go. I had no idea it was going to be the last battle ever but a good way to end my childhood.

As far as the show the Toys That Made Us: first two seasons are ok but since I'm not an 80s kid the nostalgia watching them was null, I'm sure I'll get a bigger kick out of season 3 focusing on 90s toys.

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Originally Posted by Azlan82 View Post
A 3rd series is about to come out, featuring Turtles!!!!!!!!!, WWE wrestlers, Power Rangers etc while Transformers, He-Man etc has already been done.
Nice. Having recently acquired access to Netflix I'd come across that and looked at the listed episodes and was disappointed there was no TMNT. Glad to hear that there will be.

What "made me" exactly... Probably just the random assortment in total. Besides the Turtles, maybe just my stuffed animals. (I still have a growing collection with the occasional addition now and then of some crazy critter I can't pass up.) There were various things I liked over time, but I was never really one that was allowed to have much of an actual collection of anything, other than the random unrelated plush.

The Turtles are probably what I had the most of and therefor probably qualify the most, but even then it was just their four basics, a 3rd movie Leo figure, the ice hockey variant, and a "giant" one.

Most other things I liked was pretty much limited to just one or two. Just a couple of Ponies, one each of Barbie, Ken, and Skipper; the Cabbage Patch did end up as three when they came out with the pet ones and a cat joined the two kid ones we had (technically they were mine, but shared). It's funny now in a way that my mom would try to label us as spoiled back then and yet as kids we were mostly unaware that there were kids who were allowed to have huge collections of things they were into. Yeah, we were just so spoiled.

That picture though reminds me of the Battle Beasts. Remember those little guys? I did have a handful of those (probably because they were small and more affordable) after I'd wanted some and my mom got a bunch and hid them in plastic Easter Eggs for the one and only egg hunt we ever had in our backyard. Hologram stickers on toys were definitely the thing back in those days. lol
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I collected a varied assortment of toys as a kid. Playmates TMNT was a thing that I enjoyed, even though I had none of the playsets / vehicles.

Also, I'm giving a shout-out for the Jurassic Park toy-line - the dinosaur figures were pretty cool.

Also, Connect Four. Battle Ship came about later on in life, as did SORRY!.

Originally Posted by Azlan82 View Post
Visionaries: Knights of the magical light
Holy crap, someone remembers those figures and the show. I had neither toy or cartoon episode tape, but, I liked the holographic stickers on their armor.
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