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Originally Posted by DonatelloDomeHead31 View Post
Did some searching around and found this image from the 1990 movie. Earlier I had asked for Donatello wearing the farm hat and that got posted. Now I find this image.

Research says this is a deleted scene; pretty proud of myself for finding it
Man, does Leo look weird in that photo.
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Originally Posted by DestronMirage22 View Post
Man, does Leo look weird in that photo.
That is because the scene plays out where he jumps down from the fence and turns his mask around. It was probably the only animatronic head that the front mask wasn't molded in the face.
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"This guy knows where Splinter is!...."
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I hope it's alright I post this gif...but I still like this ending at the end of the 1990 movie.


Donatello: Pork rind.
Donatello: Yeah, a few inquiries.
Donatello: Turtles don't migrate, Raph. Birds do!
Donatello: Have you seen the way this guy drives?
Donatello: 0.00000003%!
Donatello: I don't know, but it doesn't look good...
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