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TMNT Universe #14 Preview and Discussion

Preview here.
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Why do I get the feeling that Koya's gonna eff it up for them?
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Hmm not gonna lie Bludgeon has the same reaction I would to someone trying to mess with me while I'm sleepy. I like it.

EDIT: Also nice Sophie on the spirit holding a severed head of
might be my favorite page.
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I like how Zen and collected Bludgeon seems, a far cry from his days as mere mutated dumb muscle.
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Bludgeon is AMAZING.

And yeah, Koya is def gonna screw it up.
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(in William Shatner Kirk voice)

MUST . . . RESIST . . . TEMPTATION . . . to look at . . . PREVIEWS!!!

from where the last issue left off at, i am SOOO stoked to see what was crawling out of the ground to come get them.

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