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Lethal Lullaby
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Nvm. I give up trying to rp here.

This section needs more activity. That and I miss RPing with people. Hmph.

♨ Do. Not. Spam. The freaking RP. istfg. _
>> Give everyone a chance to respond, and help if anyone is lost.
♨ The turtles won't be in this, so please don't ask.
>> idk if I should point this out, but
Splinter AND the Shredder are dead.

♨ Would be preferred if responses are not in script format, but as long as they're not overly simple, I guess it's alright.^^;;
♨ Original Characters are great! Just remember there are others who deserve the spotlight too. ;3
♨ Have Fun~! ^w^

While the turtles are who-knows-where most likely Usagi's dimension, it is up to their friends back home to take care of the city.

Shinigami: Lethal Lullaby
Mondo Gecko:
Mona Lisa:

Rahzar: Lethal Lullaby
Rock Steady:
Baxter Stockman (he's human now right?) :

>>Note: Not all characters listed have to be used. If there's one not listed that you want to be let me know.

Original Characters:
Mystee Caremella: Lethal Lullaby
Shiro: Shiro Kame

^It's there, but ehh... :/
Most likely not dead, just... not really active much. Guess I must be bored??? Honestly I've just been logging in just to look at my page for anything new, or rereading my CRINGY AF RPs- Usually finding very little to nothing, then leave again. _-_

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