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Busta Uppa
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TMNT Adventures Volume 16 (final Archie TPB) now listed for pre-order!

I've been searching almost every day and a listing finally popped up:

It's said to include issues 67 through 72.

Not especially newsworthy but I've been paranoid this whole time that they might not finish the run. Glad that won't be the case!

v15 is currently slated for June; v16 currently says December but I expect that to change as the dates for these TPBs have almost always gotten pushed back.
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TMNT Entity guy
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Doesn't sound like they're going to include the TMNT Meet Archie back-up reprints from #71 and #72, just the main "How the Turtles got their Weapons" story, which was the length of 1 issue broken up in two.

So Vol. 16 is really only going to have 5 issues of content length to it. Kinda skimpy for $19.99.
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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
So Vol. 16 is really only going to have 5 issues of content length to it. Kinda skimpy for $19.99.
It's 6 issues actually. Also, these trades almost always drop in price by at least a few dollars by the time of the actual release.
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Victory Is Life
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I don't care personally, but I'm very glad for the Archie fans that this is being completed.

Such as it is, missing those issues from the world-trotting story arc, missing "Year of the Turtle", et al.
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