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Big Boss
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I too have been reading Spengs reviews, posts, etc. since the day I joined the site. Thank's for all the great entries, DrSpengler!
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Random Punk
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I have also enjoyed the TMNT Entity. That is where I first learned about the conclusion to volume 3. I saw the review of the Spawn backup and thought, "What? A new issue of TMNT? Why didn't I know about this?" That then led me to the Drome where I got all the info.

I also love the future era of the TMNT and the continuity timeline. Something I would like to see is where on the timeline "Loops" fits in at the other three times in Leo's life.

Anyway, great job DrSpengler!
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I'm a big fan of all the Japanese TMNT info on the site.
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tmnt entity

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