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Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
Each episode looks great, has awesome action, great voice acting. Season 2 is where the Kraang started over staying their welcome, season 3 they started really dragging their feet with Karai's arc, and season 4 had too many pump fakes on Splinter's death.
if i where to rewatch the series, i'd skip alot.

the shellacne episode was just gross. same goes for the bigfoot episode (also weird) and a few others.

But yeah. this show is such a miss, but it also has great hits as well. the animation is spectacular. the sound effects, music, voices, all great. it's just the direction that needs work, as well asthe scripts and season planning that make it a chore to get through.
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Originally Posted by DestronMirage22 View Post
He's got a point though. They thought they were more than they were and decided to try to retcon things that barely made sense in the first place, and force them into their canon. The results are just bad and cheap-feeling. Not to mention how the discrepancies make it impossible for things to work the way they want. Hence why I consider this show non-canon.
You consider a show non-canon? What?

If you don't like Fred Wolf Krang's new origin just ignore it, it's not a big deal.
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