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Repairs, Tips, Tricks

Some how I accidentally put this in the Toy/Cellectible Discussion. So I'm adding it here.

A forum for another of my hobbies used to have a tips and tricks type thread. My idea is a place where people can find techniques and products that work best. Also offer suggestions if they come across something they think others should know about. Sorry if this has been done already. I didn't see it if it was.
I have always liked Cowa-bunga!

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TIP 1: super/krazy glue to tighten joints

It's always worked like a charm for me with only one mishap so far. The trick is to keep working the joint while the glue sets up. If you do feel the glue become stiff to the point where it becomes difficult to move the joint STOP. Take your xacto knife and run it along the joint being mindful not to cut through the peg. If done right it will help to tighten any loose joints you might have on your figures.
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