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TMNT: Year of the Dragons

(Here is my followup to my first story, TMNT: Trouble in the tropics, although it can be read separately This story contains NO references to the PD turtles, and is more it's own independent thing. I hope you enjoy.)


In the histories and legends of China, there are many stories of brave warriors, terrible monsters, and wondrous magic. But this is a story long forgotten by the histories, and remembered only by a few who have reason to do so.

Nearly twenty-three centuries ago, during the twilight years of the Zhou dynasty, the great philosopher Laozi meditated and developed the philosophies of the universal balance that is the Tao. One of Laozi's students, a mystic named Chung-I,used his masters teachings to apply the Tao to alchemy. He worked long and hard, studying testing many mixtures and potions, before decades of hard work produced the long sought after goal; the Taoist elixir of life.

With this powerful green potion, Chung-I was said to be able to cure the most grievous of injuries, and cure even the worst of diseases. The people came from all throughout the provinces to receive this miracle tonic, and to grow stronger because of it's power. As a result, the great Taoist philosopher became renowned as a healer. Unfortunately, this was the period in China known as the warring states. Men of power sought whatever means they could to unite the fractured provinces of China, and create the first Chinese empire.

It was then, that a rich and powerful warlord named Long Tougou (Dragon Skull) Came to Chung-I, offering untold wealth if he would share that power. Seeing the darkness in Tougou's heart, refused the warlord's request. Growing angry, Tougou sent his soldiers to steal the elixir of life, and his own private alchemists set about mixing it for their master. But in thier folly, the alchemists mixed the concoction with the blood believed to have come from dragons, and Tougou and five hundred of his soldiers and their wives were transformed into fire breathing Dragon-humans.

Now far more powerful they they had been before, Tougu took the name Long Shih (Dragon lord), and renamed his army the rank. Deciding they had no further use for humanity, the rank set out on a path on conquest for their master, now seeking only to devour the flesh of men, and take China for themselves. The armies of the other kings and warlords tried in vain to stop the forces of the Dragon Lord, but they were no match for his powerful army.

But then, a young woman stepped forward, ready to risk her life for all of China. Mei Pieh Chi, Chung-I's teenage daughter and apprentice, sought to end Dragon Lord's reign of terror. Drinking the last of the Elixir of Life her father had made, Mei sought to use her enhanced Taoist powers to take destroy the Dragon Lord. Going out to face the rank, the young Taoist priestess managed to paralyze the dragons, leaving them motionless on the battlefield. But alas, Mei's father had only trained her with the power to heal, and she could not keep them paralyzed forever.

Realizing what he had to do, the grief stricken Chun-I used his own power to banish the Dragons into his daughter's favorite mirror, sealing them away for all time. But his own daughter was pulled along in the sealing, trapping her in the mirror, and mixing the dragon's reptilian essence with the elixir in her own blood. By the time Chun-I was able to rescue Mei from the mirror, she had been transformed by the experience, and hid her changed face from the world.

Breaking the mirror in two, Chun-I had one part sent to the most distant region of China, while he took the second part and became a wanderer in exile, taking his now-changed daughter with him. Eventually, the Taoist philosopher and Mei would find their way to the kingdom of Java, where Chin-I would found a Taoist monastery, whose monks would guard the mirror shard with their lives. Chung-I made no written record of how to mix the elixir of life, and took the formula with him to his grave... though the Chinese alchemists who followed him would try throughout the centuries to recreate it.

And so the dragons remain imprisoned, awaiting the day they will be free again. Dragon Lord's human descendants, still wielding his wealth and power, spent the centuries trying to reunite the mirror, and free their trapped ancestor...

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Chapter One

An Island, somewhere in the South Pacific....

It's quiet... far too quiet.

My brothers and I are on a stakeout, sitting just beneath a rocky outcropping near the beach, each taking turns scanning the waves for any signs of an incoming intruder. Behind us on the grassy plain, we here the bleating of a herd of sheep; the very creatures we are currently trying to protect.
"Dude, are you, like, sure this is where the thief is planning to strike?" Michelangelo asks, looking up from his black and white game boy. "I'd hate to think we were waiting out here for nothing!"

"Would you shut your trap Mikey?" Raphael replies, scowling back at him. "This is the only sheep ranch that monster hasn't hit on the island. Of course he's gonna attack here!"

As much as he and I don't agree on matters, my angry brother is right. This will be the beast's next stop in search of tonight's meal. And if my siblings and I don't stop him from devouring this livestock, the islanders here will be left to with a serious blow to their income. It all seems so strange, four mutant turtles protecting a bunch of animals on a small Polynesian island somewhere between Samoa and Tonga. But our lives have always been strange.

Four baby turtles, mutated into humanoid forms in the sewers of New York by a strange green ooze. Then raised and taught ninjitsu by a martial arts master, changed into a giant rat by that same ooze that affected us. We've battled so many enemies over time- Shredder, Krang, the Rat King- and eventually wound up here, traveling the world in an effort to stop the dangers of the ooze. An ancient map we uncovered from a Mayan Pyramid and led us to this island chain, where we are about to face our next adversary.

"Police reports from the local island authorities indicate large bites in wood and fencing, along with mauled livestock that resembled a shark attack." Donatello looked up from the portable computer he held in his hands. "Leo, do you think we could be dealing with a mutated member of the superorder Selachimorpha?"

"It's possible Donnie. We've faced weirder things as mutant enemies in our ninja careers." I reply, polishing my sword until it glints in the moonlight. "Besides, there are all sorts of legends of Shark gods among the local Polynesian tribes. It wouldn't surprise me if some tribal shaman discovered the formula for making ooze, and mutated another tribes into a shark monster who's been tormenting the people of the islands all these centuries."

"Well, if it's just hungry mutant trying to feed himself, why should we get involved?" Raph asks, twirling his Sai in boredom. "Those humans have insurance to cover their lost animals, is this something we should really be wasting our time on?"

"But dude, there's been reports that this shark's been eatin' people!" Mikey protested. "We can't just let some wannabe jaws chow down on these ranchers!"

"In that case, guys..." Raph grins like a devil, using his Sai as a toothpick. "...let's pull this shark's teeth."

We continue to wait for several hours, when just after midnight we saw a pair of fins emerging from the ocean. We all ready our weapons as a large humanoid figure emerges from the waves, but we are unprepared for the sight that greets our eyes.

"Is that... a walking manta ray?" Donatello asks in disbelief. "I thought it was a shark attacking the islands, not a specimen of Manta alfredi!"

A large, blue mutant with fins on his back and antennae emerges, and starts making his way towards us. But we are so busy watching the newcomer on the beach, that we fail to notice the giant set of teeth with legs that had managed to sneak it's way up behind us.

"Uhhh, dudes?" Mikey yells nervously, as the large mouth opens. "I think we have an uninvited guest!"
"Foolish turtles!" The giant shark roars. "Armaggon shall crush your shells into powder!"

Before we could move, Armaggon was on the attack. A mighty swish of his spiked tail knocks all four of us off of our feet, and a slash of his taloned hands sends Raph and I flying.

"Everybody, look out!" Donnie calls out, as he and Mikey try to run for cover. "He's stronger than we- urk!"

Armaggon stretches out his mighty hands far longer than anyone thought possible, then grabs my two brothers by the throat, and begins to strangle them. Raph and I jump forward, slashing and stabbing downward with our weapons, and forcing the monster to set them free.

"Graaaahhhhh!" The mutant shark cried out, pulling back with his wounded arms. "I shall devour you all!"

The great beast stretches his arm out, and grabs my head, slamming it into the dirt. Jumping towards Raph, he grabs my brother in his powerful jaws, and began to crush downward.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Our brother cries out in agony, as we hear his shell cracking feels like I'm being torn apart!"

But at that exact moment, I see the mutant manta noticing all the noise, and come running towards us. A great fear fills my heart, as I worry we will now have two monsters of the deep to deal with...
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Chapter two

"Get away from my sworn brother, you stupid turtles!" The manta ray mutant declares, pulling a shark-toothed club from his back. "How dare you to try harm a friend of Ray Fillet, defender of the seas!"

As he goes to strike Mikey, I block his attack with my katana. We trade several blows with our two weapons, while Donnie attempts to stop Armaggon.

"Let go of my brother, you oversized platter of seafood!" He cries out, leaping at the shark. "No way I'm letting you turn him into turtle soup!"

Donatello shoved his bow staff into the shark's mouth, prying it open until Raph was able to roll out. Landing at Armaggon's feet, Raph quickly kicks upward, hitting the shark in the gut, and causing him to double over in pain.

While those two are dealing with Armaggon, Mikey and I are duking it out with the Manta, who is blocking my blows with a shark-toothed club, while Mikey uses his nunchucks to swat away strikes from the ray's poisonous tail stinger.

"You turtles fight with honor, in the style of the ninja of Japan." The manta compliments us, blocking two of our blows simultaneously. "Never have I faced two such worthy opponents, who could so skillfully evade my attacks."

"And you fight in the Kapu Kuʻialua style, telling me you were a Koa knight under king Kamehameha before you were mutated." I reply, noticing the Leiomano club he carried, as well as his fighting style. "What I don't get is why an honorable warrior such as yourself, is behaving in such a dishonorable manner."

"What?! And how am I dishonorably?!" The manta asks incredulously. "You four are the ones who attacked my sworn brah over there, that is a truly dishonorable act!"

Mikey and I take advantage of the Manta's momentary hesitation, double-teaming and tackling him to the ground.

"Attacked him? Dude, he attacked US!" Mikey replies angrily, holding the manta's head against the ground. "He's the one who's been attacking the island's sheep herds, and who's even eaten a few of the island's sheepherders who caught him!"

"What? No, that's impossible!" The Manta replied, looking over at the shark in horror. "Armaggon would never... no!"

Donnie and Raph continue to dodge the talon slashes and bite attempts, until Donatello finally manages to knock the shark's legs out from under him with a bo staff sweep. Raph immediately jumps onto the fallen shark's back, stabbing him with both of his sais, causing the shark to howl in pain.

"Araghhhh, get off of me, you stupid turtle!" The shark stood again, reaching back and grabbing Raph off of his back, and throwing him like a rag doll all the way down to the beach. "I'm tired of playing with you reptiles, it's time to end this!"

Mikey and I jump up, and with Donatello the three of us hit Armaggon with three simultaneous flying kicks. It knocks him back into the ground again, but before we can strike a second time, he punches Donnie and I away with his stretchy arms. He launches several of his stretching attacks at the three of us, which we evade with the most impressive ninja flips we can muster.

"Watch out, guys!" Donatello calls out, rolling out of the way of a stretched fist. "He almost got me with that last one!"

Finally, Armaggon manages to grab my two brothers again, and starts pulling them towards his massive jaws.

"End of the line, Turtles!" The shark laughs opening his maw wide. "Let's find out how you and your brothers taste!"

"No, you shall not harm these turtle, you vile traitor!" The manta declares, racing towards us. "How dare you steal cattle, or kill and devour our own people!"

The manta and I leap forward, cutting the two arms off clean off of Armaggon. Mikey and Donnie unleashed a barrage of kunai into the shark's flesh, sticking all through him like a pin cushion. Howling. bleeding, and writhing in pain, the shark raced back for the water. Diving into the waves, he creates a massive swell of blood around himself. it doesn't take long for Armaggon to be surrounded by nearly a dozen other sharks who had been drawn by the mutant great white's wounds.

"Well, that takes care of the monster who's been eating the island's cattle and ranchers." I sigh, trying to stand upright after such a fierce battle. "Donnie, get to the beach, and check on Raph's wounds."

"Thanks so much for your help, Manta dude." Mikey adds, as the Manta Ray helps him back up. "Without your help, we would have been shark chum fer sure."

"It was nothing, brah. I had to do something after Armaggon's betrayal." The manta replied sadly. "By the way, the name's Ray Fillet... but you can call me Ray."
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Chapter Three

"I'm really sorry about the way my former brother attacked you, I should have seen Armaggon's treachery coming." Ray Fillet tells us, as we are all recovering from the battle on the beach. "He told me we were coming to investigate the cattle attacks here on the island... until you flat out told me to my face he was the culprit, I didn't want to face the fact he had been swimming near each of the attack sites, before the cattle were devoured."

"It's okay dude, nobody wants to admit family has gone bad." Mikey replies, putting a hand on his shoulder. "At least that bogus jerk won't be hurting people anymore, right?"

"Okay Raph, I'm giving you a clean bill of health." Donnie tells him, after examining Raphael with his gizmos. "You're shell got chinked a bit inside Armaggon's mouth, but it's no worse that the injuries you've received before this."

"Bah, it's gonna take more than an angry shark to stop me." Our red bandana-wearing brother proclaimed. "If Leatherhead couldn't bite me in half, that fang face ain't gonna crack my shell!"

"My word, you certainly are some really Akamai turtles, to be able to take on a fierce warrior like Armaggon like that." Ray bows to us. "Please, let me know if there is anything I can do for you, while you are here on the islands."

"Awesome, dude." Mikey grins. "I am like, majorly hungry. You guys got any god pizza joints around here?"

"You would like some pizza, hm?" The manta smiled at that. "Follow me, turtles. I think I know just the place."

After our defeat of the sinister shark, Ray takes us to the a local pizzeria and cafe called Surfer's Pizza paradise. We trek through the small tropical forest behind the nearby village, and we enter a large beach shack from the back entrance, where none of the villagers can see us.

"Whoa, dude! This place looks awesome!" Mikey exclaims, looking around at the surfboards and tiki-like masks decorating the walls. "It's like, a total surfer's paradise!"

"Hey, who's out there in my dining room?" A voice calls out from the kitchen, an annoyed tone in his voice. "I'm sorry, I'd like to welcome you for dinner, but we're closed."

"Are you closed for an old friend, brah?" Ray yells back. "I stopped by for a late supper, and decided to bring some friends with me."

"Ray, Maliu mai!" A large man in a tropical shirt and Bermuda shorts comes out of the back, his body covered in Polynesian tattoos. "You and your friends come in, Fa'amolemole!"

"Guys, this is Tattoo, he's a retired Sumo Wrestler from Samoa." Ray introduces his friend. "Nobody makes a meaner pizza on the island."

"Malō soifua, turtles!" He greets us, shaking each of our hands vigorously. "And 'loe, I can make you a really, really good pizza! The specialty of the house!"

And he's not kidding; Tattoo quickly whips us up a mean dozen pineapple pizzas, stuffed with sausage and garlic salt. As we chow down on the endless supply of pizza, Tattoo explains his situation.

"As a kid, I always wanted to own my own restaurant of my own. But my family didn't have the money, and I couldn't afford to go to cooking school. So I decided to bulk up, went to Japan, and made a fortune in Sumo wrestling." Tattoo explains. "After I had enough cash, I retired from sumo early, and bought this place off an old retired soldier from the war."

"I first met Tattoo when Armaggon and I were scavenging through his trash." Ray admitted sheepishly. "He decided to keep me a secret, and we worked out a deal where I bring him seafood toppings from the ocean, and he makes meals whenever I get tired of eating seafood. He's the one who gave the two of us our modern English names"

"That Armaggon, I told you he was nothing but trouble!" Tattoo chides him. "I know the two of you have been friends since forever, but whenever he visited here, he always seemed to be up to no good."

"I know, it's just.... Armaggon and I were warriors together in Kamehameha's army, when that blasted kahuna shaman created the ooze, and mutated us." Ray shakes his head. "All of our human friends and family grew old and died, and we spent the centuries swimming and exploring the Pacific together. Even when presented with the evidence, I didn't want to face what he was doing."

"Hey, it wasn't your fault he turned into a rotten slice of pepperoni, dude." Mikey reassures him again. "You can make some new best buds, who care more about you than about chowing down on islanders."

"I agree with Mikey, you aren't responsible for the actions of others." Donatello agrees, speaking up in a rare moment of assertiveness. "Just because one of your friends and family is a jerk, doesn't mean you are responsible for their behavior."

We all finish off the last of the pizzas, and then Raph suddenly gets a bright idea, and stands up.

"Hey Tattoo, you're supposed to be a tough wrestler, right?" My big, burly brother asks. "Well, care to take me on in a little wrestling match?"

"Raph, are you insane?!" Donnie asks, grabbing his arm. "That guy looks stronger that Bebop and Rocksteady combined! Are you sure you can take him on?"

"Aw, come on, Donnie!" Raphael shrugs him off. "He's just a human, how tough could he be?"

"Ohhh, I be happy to face you, friend." Tattoo agrees eagerly, standing up and removing his shirt. "I may be retired from sumo, but I still got a lotta fight left in this twenty-seven year old body. Let's see how good a ninja really is!"

Raph finds out just how hard it can be, as the two warriors plow into each other. Tattoo and Raphael wrestle all over the room, knocking over tables and chairs, and smashing the diner's furniture up as the rolled all over the place.

"Guys, knock it off!" Donnie pleaded, as the rest of us ran for the door. "You're going to bring the whole place down!"

And as Raph and Tattoo slammed into the wall, that's exactly what they did; bringing the entire cafe down with a loud CRASH!

"Uh oh..." Mikey added, as Tattoo and Raphael popped up out of the rubble. "... looks like you guys really brought the house down!"
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Chapter four

The Chung-I monastery, on an Island several hundred miles off the coast of Java, within international waters.

Inner tranquility.... that was what all who dwelled in this massive pagoda-style structure sought. It was a peace that you could find few other places on earth, and drew the many acolytes who sought refuge from the outside world. The island's beautiful waterfalls and unspoiled natural beauty only added to the mystical atmosphere that propagates the temple's harmony of the Dao.

The Taoist monastery resembled China's Great Cloud temple, but was far larger in size, with more rooms and hallways. The monks, dressed in red robes adorned with the yin-yang symbol, were meditating in the great hall. Surrounded on all sides by candles and tapestries from China's Zhou dynasty, they used their environment to focus their minds on 'the path'. An aura of peace filled the air around the monks, as they chanted their prayers to the Jade emperor, and the other immortals of the celestial heavens.

We are born gentle and weak. At death we are hard and stiff. Green plants are tender and filled with sap. When they die they are withered and dry. Therefore the stiff and unbending are the disciples of death. The gentle and yielding are the disciples of life.

As the other monks chanted their prayers, Mei Pieh Chi say apart from the others, meditating deeply as she into the reflective surface of the broken mirror shard. It was a ritual she had taken part in many times over the past several centuries, but she could sense there was something very different this time.

"Something is most definitely wrong here, there is a tinge of foreboding on the air." The Hooded and cloaked Taoist priestess thought to herself, as a sense of uneasiness filled her heart. I sense a great hunger from the mirror shard, as if something expects to finally be released."

Just outside the monastery's walls, two monks were walking through the temple's harmony garden, discussing the meaning of life, when they heard a twig snap in a nearby tree.

"What was that noise?" The first monk asked. "It sounded like a bird, flying out of that tree."

"Ah, but is the bird flying out of the tree, or is the tree ceasing to surround the bird?" The other inquired. "Now that is the question, which- ugghhh!"

The second monk's words were cut short, as a Japanese woman dressed in a black gi dropped from the nearby tree, and slit the monk's throat with her kunai. Before the other monk could scream, a dark skinned man in a dark blue gi dropped down beside the woman, stabbing the second monk through the heart.

The male and female ninja- named Cha Ocho and Pimiko, respectively- leapt up out of the garden, and over the temple wall. The two began racing across the rooftops of the temple buildings, leaping over the gaps, and making their way towards the great hall. The pair had not gotten very far, when they saw four monks had also leapt onto the roof, and were racing after them at a nearly equal speed.

"Looks like our killings did not go unnoticed, Pimiko-hime." Cha Ocho declared, addressing Shredder's daughter respectfully, as if she were a princess. "You go for the mirror shard, and I will deal with these monks."

"Hai." Pimiko agreed, before leaping away across the rooftops. Turning to face his first attacker, Cha dodged several uppercuts, before slicing the first monk across the chest, causing his lifeless body to drop off the roof. The second monk caught him with a blow across the face, causing the ninja to stumble backwards. Cha took several blows to his midsection, knocking him off his feet, and nearly sending him tumbling to the ground.

Cha Ocho had to be careful, as these monks were extremely dangerous fighters. Masters of tij qun, the Taoist monks could have easily taken down any normal opponent they faced. Even as a skilled shinobi, Ocho could be easily killed by one of these holy men. Fortunately, Cha and Pimiko had chosen a date that most of the older and more skilled monks were away visiting the mainland, making it so that the two ninja only had to deal with the less skilled novice monks.

Dodging a roundhouse kick from the second monk, Cha Ocho sliced him across the ankle, causing him to tumble off the building. The shinobi went racing across the rooftops, the remaining three monks in hot pursuit. Reaching into his pouch, Ocho tossed several caltrops into their path, the spiked barbs caught another monk in the feet, causing him to fall to the ground, as well.

"Only you remain." Cha smiled, slicing at the last monk with his katana. But the monk caught the blade in her hands, and proceeded to deflect a dozen more sword strokes from the ninja.

"You will not find me so easy an opponent to defeat, ninja." The last monk told him, taking a fighting stance.

"Good, I was hoping for a true challenge." Cha Ocho replied, lunging at her with his katana in the air. "Your brothers and sisters died without even letting me break a sweat."

As the two continued to battle across the rooftops, Pimiko somersaulted into the great hall. She silently tossing two shuriken at the two monks guarding the mirror shard, cutting their throats, and ending their lives quickly. But before the ninja could go for her prize, a thrown kunai stopped her just inches from the mirror.

"What?" Pimiko asked in shock. "Who dares?"

"Foul Cipangu assassin, you shall not have the mirror shard." Mei pei Chi, who had thrown the dagger, stepped forward. "I shall end your attack upon my monastery, right here, and now!"

"Stupid little Shina priestess!" Pimiko spat, pulling out her Kusarigama chain sickle. "You think you can keep me from my quarry?"

"Do you think I am defenseless, assassin wench?" Mei asked, pulling out a pair of sharpened gunsen war fans. "I was taught how to fight with these, by a monk from your own native Cipangu." Opening the war fans, she glared at the angry Pimiko. "Say ohayo to your precious Amaterasu, Kunoichi trollop, because I'm sending you to her!"

Pimiko lunged at Mei with the sickle chain, but the agile priestess jumped out of the way, before launching at the ninja with a flying kick. Pimiko ducked the attack, and the two traded several blows, before the Kunoichi launched the weighted end of the chain at Mei, knocking her backward. The Taoist priestess rolled with the blow, doing a full flip, before slicing forward with her fans, slashing the shocked Pimiko across the face, leaving a scar.

"Ouch, looks like I made my mark." Mei quipped sarcastically.

"Ahhhh, Baka-na!" She launched the weighted end of her chain out at Mei again, this time wrapping it around the priestess's right arm. But Mei pulled the Kunoichi forward, punching her in the face, and knocking her down. But when Mei went in for a final blow, Pimiko threw a happo sphere against the ground, filling the air with a dust that blinded Mei. By the time her eyes had cleared, both Pimiko and the mirror shard were gone.

"Oh no! I have failed in my sacred duty!" The priestess thought to herself in horror. Racing to the window, Mei saw Cha Ocho cut down the last monk he had been fighting, before leaping off the roof and fleeing. "I have not left these temple grounds in twenty-two centuries, since my father first brought me here to guard the mirror. But, it the world is to remain safe, I must return to the lands beyond this island, and recover the mirror shard stolen by that shinobi thief!"

Looking up at the night sky, Mei pulled back the big, baggy hood on her cloak... to reveal a young and beautiful green-skinned woman, with a long crop of black hair flowing down from her head. Looking down at her clawed green hands, she cursed the molten-hot dragon blood that flowed in her mutant veins.

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Chapter Five

"So, let me get this straight..." Donnie asks Tattoo, making sure I heard him right. "you're sure you actually don't mind the fact Raph destroyed your shop?"

"Nah, my insurance will cover the damage, and this isn't the first time something like this has happened." The obese sumo replies, laughing heartily. "Ray and I can get the help of the other villagers to help us fix the place."

"Then I'm really happy to have been of help... I guess..." Raph just shrugs. "Anyway, thanks for letting us crash at your place for the past week, it was better than spending another night on that stuffy boat of Donnie's!"

"Hey! It's not that bad!" Donnie grumbles, turning away in annoyance. "It's not my fault if you get seasick so easily."

"Awww, drop it, man! Not everybody likes being trapped in cramped quarters for weeks on end." Mikey chides him, before turning back to Tattoo again. "By the way dude, thank you so much for all the pizzas for the trip." He looks back at the stack of a hundred pizza boxes behind him. "I just don't think they'll last us more than a day or two."

"With you and your brothers, Mikey, probably not." Tattoo thought for a moment. "Say, Mikey... would you wanna learn how to make these pizzas for yourself? You seem to have a good eye for ingredients, and I suspect you might have the makings of a good cook."

"Awwww sure, bro! I'd love to learn how to make pies for myself!" Mikey frowns. "But... I don't think what little you showed me in the kitchen this past week is enough to make good pizzas by myself."

"Just keep working at it Mikey, never giving up trying to experiment with different recipes." The sumo smiles. "Now, you wanna go surfing, man?"

"You're on, dude!" Mikey grins, as they both grab their boards, and head for the water. "Bet I can catch a higher wave than you, man!"

While Raph and Donnie finish loading the boat, Ray and I look over the mutagen codex one more time.

"So, you and you're brothers are going to follow this ancient text, to every place you think there was ancient ooze on this planet?" The manta asks, looking at the map carefully. "It seems the next set of clues seem to be pointing you in the direction of the isle of Java."

"A small island off the coast, it looks like." I agree, pointing to a tiny location just outside of the borders of Indonesia. "Though it doesn't tell us what exactly we should expect to find there."

"I think I've heard about that place." Ray Fillet replies. "The island is supposed to have some kind of ancient Chinese monastery, but they are very secretive, even in their recruiting of new acolytes."

"Hmmm, the ancient Chinese Taoists did mess around with alchemy, trying to create the elixir of life." I speculate. "Do you think they may have some ancient ooze hidden on the island?"

"I have heard there is some kind of treasure the monks are guarding there." He replies. as I fold up the map. "I'd say it's at least worth looking into, brah."

"Thanks, Ray. I really appreciate all you've done for us." I shake his hand, as we say our goodbyes. "You and Tattoo take care of yourselves, my friend."

"Hey, we'll be fine, brah! Both Tattoo and I can fight, and besides, the ladies of the island love us!" Ray grins. "A hui hou, Leonardo, and good luck!"

It wasn't long before our boat pulls away from the island, leaving our two newest friends behind.
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