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Marvel Want Retailers To Dress Like Nazis

Marvel want LCS staff to wear Hydra t-shirts and display Hydra logos when handing out their comics to promote "Secret Empire"

...Big mistake

We've also been asked to change our store logos to Hydra symbols. My staff are LGBTQ, Jewish, or both. We are no longer hand-selling Marvel.

More here
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Well this is blowing up the Twitterverse. Tons of free publicity. I'll bet you anything THIS is what they were after.

Because come on... nerds aren't going to boycott Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or Spiderman Homecoming; just comics, which isn't the best industry lately anyway.

So, either really shrewd and cynical, or utterly clueless and stupid.
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Hmm. I hesitate to use the term "nazi" to refer to members of a fictional secret organization (however evil), when we are seeing an actual resurgence in real people in real life adopting and using nazi iconography and terminology. I was just at a rally earlier this week to protest the alt-right.

Still though, I think this whole Secret Empire/Cap-is-Hydra event/plot line has been pretty dumb. I'm ready for it to be over.
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