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Andrew NDB
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Julie Strain seriously ill

This was posted on her FB yesterday:

"Julie says hello and sends everyone her love.

I am sorry to report that Julie is currently in poor health due to a traumatic brain injury she endured in her 20's. This injury was mentioned in her biography "six foot one and worth the climb". Injuries to the brain can cause cognitive difficulties later in life, and Julie is currently experiencing these types of problems. We will try and provide weekly updates on her condition.

Thank you for keeping Julie in your prayers and supporting her with positive thoughts. She continues to be a very kind person with a very special heart and misses interacting with all of you."
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❍ Omigosh ❍
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I want to extend my upmost sympathies and condolences towards Ms. Strain and her loved ones.

I wish her well. I hope she recieves the best treatment that's available to her.
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Andrew NDB
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Hello Julie Strain Fans,

I want express my deepest appreciation of your warmth and care for Julie. I met Julie about 10 years ago at the gym. We became friends and two years later became boyfriend and girlfriend. We have been together for eight years. At that time her disability was hardly noticeable. But as I spent time with her, I noticed certain peculiarities that indicated that something was wrong. Many times I became confused by her behavior because I had no idea of the severity of her initial head injury in her mid to late 20ís.

Our first four years were a joy and I often get extremely saddened by the loss of those wonderful years together. The past four years, her condition has worsened and she currently is on hospice care with a home healthcare person providing added care at our home. Julie cannot be left alone at this point.

I will continue to care for Julie, and up until now, I have tried to keep her condition private. She has a wonderful persona and image: kind, strong, brave and courageous. Not only are these characteristics her persona, these characteristics are Julie. Itís not an act, she a very special person. And the outpouring of support by her fans is testament to those personality ideals. I have never heard her speak ill of another person.

Julie is the nicest and kindest person I have ever met, and I have been blessed to have her in my life for these short eight years. The past three years have been difficult, but I love Julie and will protect her until I die. I cannot do otherwise.

Best wishes to all,
Dave Grams
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